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kansas city drug rehab interventionPeople living with others who are addicted to drugs are plagued by the behaviors, negative attitudes and problems that the addict causes. For the family members of those who are addicted to drugs, this can lead to depression, anxiety and mental angst. There was once a time when families were told that the addict had to “hit rock bottom” before treatment would work but those times have past. Kansas City drug rehabs can help families and the loved ones of those suffering from addiction to stage an intervention that effectively gets them into treatment and on the road to recovery.

Recent research suggests that the decision to allow an addict to continue to take part in poor behaviors in an effort to push them to the point of hitting rock bottom is actually counterproductive and conducive to additional problems for the entire family and all of those involved with the addict. In fact, intervention is often the best way for families to get their loved one to accept help and go into treatment. When an intervention is done correctly, the addict will become motivated to do what it takes to get well, not only for him or herself, but also for those they care about. Children, parents, spouses and very close friends are encouraged to take part in the intervention to bring the greatest amount of motivation to the table.

Planning an Intervention

Many steps will be taken to plan an intervention. In most cases, Kansas City drug rehabs will provide a professional interventionist that can make the planning phase and the subsequent execution of the intervention go as smoothly as possible. Families can do much of the planning on their own but are encouraged to ask questions and to seek professional help if they feel that the process has become to complicated.

During the planning phase, you may decide to hire an interventionist. After you have chosen professional help, you will be asked to writer letters to your loved one describing the way that their addiction affects you negatively and also how important it is to you that they accept help and go into treatment. Following this stage of the intervention, you will get together with others to rehearse the intervention before executing the process in real time with the addict present.

Your interventionist will make sure that you have proper care ready for the addict as, there is not time in between once they choose to accept help and the time they actually go into treatment. It’s important that the help is already available and waiting to provide them with treatment and care. On the big day of the intervention, you will get together with all of those involved, the addict will be present and each will read the letters asking him or her to go into treatment. When the offer is accepted, the addict will immediately leave to enter into the Kansas City drug rehabilitation program that was previously chosen by family members or loved ones.

If you or someone you know needs help in Kansas City, drug rehab centers in the area can provide you with resources to stage an intervention and get your loved one into treatment right away, we can help you find a center that can assist you.

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